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The minimum order amount is 150 UAH.

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Typesetting Books

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Proofreading books

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Full publication cycle

Printing house “Arbuz” offers turnkey, first of all, printing and publishing books in Ukraine, of course, with delivery to any city. First of all, familiarize yourself with all services of our company:

Prepare the book for printing.

  • Text typesetting.
  • Translation of the text of a book into any language from any language.
  • Proofreading, editing and proofreading the text of the book.
  • Layout layout of the inner block.
  • Cover design.
  • Preparation.
Типография "Арбуз"
Типография "Арбуз"

Publish a book

  • Assigning an ISBN code to a book (i.e., publishing and copyright protection).
  • Creation of UDC codes and the author’s mark.
  • Send mandatory copies to the Book Chamber of Ukraine.
  • Design a book with the output data of the publisher.
  • Publish an electronic book.

Print the book

Since we have our own production, we close the entire cycle of printing the book on ourselves:

  • Print the inside block.
  • Cover printing.
  • Sheet selection of the inner block.
  • Trimming the inner block.
  • Stitching notebooks for hardcover (7bc).
  • Thermobinder for soft binding (KBS).
  • Stapling the inner block through the wire sewing, for soft cover binding.
  • Creasing covers for paperback binding.
  • Pressing of book blocks for evenness of the book.
  • Dot for gold embossing of covers.
  • Laminator for laminating covers.
Типография "Арбуз"

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Why choose Arbuz Publishing?

⠀ Quality assurance

If you find a defect, we will definitely fix it or redo the order, no questions asked and no discussions.


“Arbuz” is a registered publisher with the Book Chamber of Ukraine and the State Committee for Teleradio. We have a FOP. And there is an office of the publishing house, where you can come and visit in the center of Dnieper near TSUM in the House of Life.


You can order the entire range of publishing services from us without having to deal with different contractors.


We carry out the work on time or do not take it at all initially. If the deadline is not met, we provide a money-back guarantee.


100% guarantee of confidentiality of your text. We can sign a nondisclosure agreement. By obtaining an ISBN from us, you will protect the copyright of your work.

Easy payment

We accept payment in hryvnia, dollars and euros. We work with most banks and payment systems.

The book publishing process

Send a layout and detailed terms of reference

We calculate and give you exact price

Payment / prepayment

Proofreading the text of the book for errors

Присвоение кода ISBN

Assigning the ISBN code and output data

Interior layout

Proofreading the layout

Design cover design

Printing a book

Book Binding

Delivery to the customer

Promotion of the book

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