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Book printing

Printing house “Arbuz” is glad to offer you the printing of books in paperback or hardcover with a circulation of one copy. First of all, we have the best conditions and guarantees of high quality work. Such a process as printing books in small batches, at all times has been one of the most popular. Today, the more modern and efficient equipment used by the print shop, the greater the chance of achieving the results expected by the customer. 

  1. Firstly: in terms of the economic profitability of the print run.
  2. Secondly: in terms of the quality of printed products, the attractiveness of their appearance in the eyes of customers.

Meanwhile, we print books from single (gift) copies to several thousand copies. In addition, using our own state-of-the-art equipment and well-established processes, we achieve fast and high-quality results.

Print books in different formats

In our printing house it is possible to print books of different formats, as well as individual (minimum size 102x142mm, maximum size 300x300mm). For example, we offer you to get acquainted with popular sizes:

размеры книг

In addition, the most popular and cost-effective format is A5 (half a standard sheet of paper). This is how most of the multipage literature on the book market is published. In other words, this format is best for all types of books. The other sizes are more costly.

Methods of printing books in the "Arbuz" printing house

The print shop is equipped with professional equipment, therefore, it allows for fast and high-quality printing of large print runs. In addition, a very important stage of printing is quality control. Using special printing marks and a microscope, our printers regularly check the maximum color matching in your publication on the approved copy.


It is also very important to decide on the color of the print (black and white or color). Of course, the cost of printing your book will depend on it. We offer paper of different densities.

In most cases books are printed on these types of paper:

  • offset;
  • coated (matte and glossy);
  • design paper.

We use digital technology for small and medium runs. And for large quantities we use the offset method. In addition, all orders are fulfilled in the shortest possible time, which is calculated by the manager when placing the order.

Also with our help you can print a book in the printing house in a single copy. For example to make an original present. It is especially pleasant to take in your hands not only interesting, but also qualitatively made book.

Types of book bindings

First of all, our print shop prints books, offering a variety of bindings:

  • BBS (adhesive stitching).
  • KBS (adhesive stitching).
  • Integral binding (staple or spring installation).

When creating a hardcover book, the printed sheets are first folded into notebooks on a special folding machine. After that, they are usually stitched with threads, also on the appropriate equipment. In addition, a hardcover is prepared separately. And there are many variants of its execution. In addition, it can be made of paper laminated with a glossy or matte film, of leather or leatherette, of which there are many kinds.  Moreover, the binding is decorated with foil stamping, embossing, selective UV-varnish, etc.

Soft cover is lower in cost and slower in production, that is why it is ordered more often. Soft cover is made of coated paper with density of 170-300 g/cm2, or from single-sided and double-sided coated cardboard with density of 170-250 g/cm2. In addition, it is possible to laminate the paperback with glossy or matte film, apply selective UV-lacquer, foil stamping, etc. The paperback is connected to the block in the spine.

In addition, at the request of the customer we make bookmarks – lassé.

Pre- and post-printing services for book printing

We cover all stages of prepress:

  • provision of ISBN numbers;
  • computer typesetting;
  • editing;
  • design;
  • typesetting;
  • proof copy printing;
  • output of photo-forms.

In addition, before printing a print run of books, the client is sure to get acquainted with the final file, and if everything fits, he approves it.

To ensure that orders are completed quickly, postpress is also carried out in our workshop. Therefore, it saves a lot of time at the stage of transportation of printed prints to the postpress shop. At this stage, the following takes place:

  • picking;
  • block stitching;
  • processing;
  • gluing of the printed crust;
  • laminating;
  • embossing;
  • cutting and packaging the finished product.

How important is the design of the book

The old saying goes that you meet by the clothes you wear. In addition, three-quarters of information is perceived visually. Consequently, the book, as an artifact, had to confirm this regularity. It is a question, first of all, of the cover and the design of the publication in general. It is they that often become the reason to buy or not to buy.

Печать книг

In other words, it’s the title and cover that sells, not the content of the book. For example, unless we are talking about an author-brand, the success of the book depends on the designer. In other words, you need a precise task and control over execution. The cover is as much packaging as it is for any other product. It has value both for holding what’s inside and for explaining what’s inside. But it is also for its promotion and advertising. That is, the cover should attract attention, to encourage to take the publication in your hands and make a purchase.

Also, when printing books to order, we do not consider the cover design separately from the artistic design of the content. There must be a holistic idea of creating the design of the book, then it will become clear what the artist put on the cover.

In conclusion

The printing house is located in the city of Dnepr. Remote cooperation allows us to work with clients from different cities and countries. To start cooperation, order the printing of the book, for example, online on the site. Send your materials to e-mail arbuz.in.ua@gmail.com. Of course specialists will check the correctness of the preparation of files for printing.

Of course a cost calculation is made. For example, to find out what the cost of printing a book we need to know:


  • circulation;
  • format (in mm);
  • Weight and type of paper for the inner block and for the cover;
  • Printing color of the cover and the inner block;
  • whether there are illustrations in the inner block and their colors;
  • type of cover;
  • method of fastening the inner block;
  • processing of the cover;
  • assignment of ISBN, UDC, LBC numbers;
  • types of work to prepare the electronic version of the book.

In addition, our printing house offers the best prices for book publishing. As a result of cooperation the finished edition is sent by any transportation company. As well as self-delivery and courier delivery in Dnepr.

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