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Proofreading texts for errors

A book with spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation worsens the impression. Especially when it comes to a finished product that has fallen into the hands of the reader. Consequently, if you are on our site, it means you need to proofread the text. However, it must be done before the book is printed. The main thing is that we have qualified editors with extensive experience in literary processing of texts of any genre, form, complexity and subject matter.

What does the proofreading service include

Do you think this process can be done by yourself? Only an experienced proofreader, first of all, will be able to find all or most of the errors by all the rules of grammar and punctuation. Also, someone who has composed and written the book himself, has a washed out view of it and will not see mistakes or typos next. Proofreading the text is an important step in prepress for any multi-page literature. For example, books, journals, monographs, dissertations, theses, graduation and term papers, etc.

Meanwhile, our specialists proofread files sent by the client in two stages.

In brief, we do the following types of work.

  1. We remove grammatical, morphological and word-formation errors.
  2. We check syntax, spelling and punctuation.
  3. We make sure that the text is formatted in accordance with unified requirements for the publication.
  4. Correct errors after typesetting.
  5. Remove typos.
  6. Get rid of the text from surzhik or, for example, inappropriate dialect.

Why do mistakes appear in manuscripts? ​

  1. Insufficient knowledge of spelling by the author.
  2. Use of third-party materials with errors.
  3. Poor translation from another language.
  4. Inattention leads to typos in the first place.
  5. Fatigue, feeling unwell.
  6. Writing a paper on a short deadline.

All of these problems can be solved, but if proofreading for errors is ordered.


What we can subtract

сделать книгу в твердом переплете
  1. Books (fiction, technical, textbooks).
  2. Graduate works.
  3. Term papers.
  4. Technical documentation of equipment.
  5. Company’s web-sites.
  6. Articles.
  7. Business correspondence.

Anywhere there is text, above all, it is necessary that it is literate))

Price calculation for proofreading

At such an important stage, we strongly recommend not to save money: because it is a powerful blow to the author’s image. For example, grammatical mistakes in the text of a thesis or dissertation, of course, will lead to problems with the defense. And meanwhile, in the case of printing promotional printing or text on your site, just as spoils the image of the company-advertiser.

It does not matter the format of your work. We perform the service of proofreading texts not only for paper, but also for electronic books. Further to business documents and Internet sites. Factors influencing the formation of the price for the service (in brief):

  • The scope of work and its subject matter;
  • The deadline for completion of the order;
  • The presence of tables, footnotes and diagrams;
  • The complexity and specificity of the text;
  • The average level of errors in the layout;
  • Unification of terms and names.

These are just the main points. To assess the complexity of the work and to calculate the price our managers, of course, can only after viewing your materials.

Do you want the material to be worthy of its author, claim to be solid and cause not only interest, but also respect? Then the proofreading of books should be performed by professionals.

Do you have a product to miscalculate?

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Why choose Arbuz Publishing?

⠀ Quality assurance

If you find a defect, we will definitely fix it or redo the order, no questions asked and no discussions.


“Arbuz” is a registered publisher with the Book Chamber of Ukraine and the State Committee for Teleradio. We have a FOP. And there is an office of the publishing house, where you can come and visit in the center of Dnieper near TSUM in the House of Life.


You can order the entire range of publishing services from us without having to deal with different contractors.


We carry out the work on time or do not take it at all initially. If the deadline is not met, we provide a money-back guarantee.


100% guarantee of confidentiality of your text. We can sign a nondisclosure agreement. By obtaining an ISBN from us, you will protect the copyright of your work.

Easy payment

We accept payment in hryvnia, dollars and euros. We work with most banks and payment systems.

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