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Book proofreading

A typo in a book undoubtedly spoils the whole impression of a good edition. Of course, our qualified editors and proofreaders can bring the text of any subject into an ideal form. As a result, your readers will definitely enjoy reading your work, rest assured! Book proofreading or proofreading is, first of all, the process of finding and correcting errors and typos that were made during the writing of the text and spoil the impression of the printed edition.

Why proofread books?

Proofreading occurs at the end of the proofreading of the book for errors. In other words, this is the last check before layout. First of all, proofreading of the text is aimed at correcting errors and other shortcomings. Of course, it is they who make it difficult for the reader to perceive the text.

The work of the proofreader, meanwhile, is quite complex and painstaking. It requires from the performer, firstly, a great concentration of attention and, secondly, perseverance.

корректура книг

Each text corrector primarily works with:

  • language mistakes;
  • technical recruitment errors;
  • punctuation (for example, spaces, dashes, hyphens, brackets);
  • the design of footnotes, lists, as well as citations, and so on.

After the work done, our experts make all the changes in accordance with the rules. They perfectly know the norms of the language and, therefore, take a responsible approach to proofreading and editing books.

How does a book proofreader work?

The proofreading of a book can be done by one or more specialists. It depends primarily on the amount of work. In progress:

  • correct spelling and, of course, punctuation errors;
  • we detect and designate semantic inaccuracies, and moreover, repetitions;
  • unify abbreviations, units of measurement;
  • we follow the same type of phrases and, in addition, the correct use of, for example, brackets, hyphen, minus, dash and other special characters;
  • correcting errors in coordinating tenses, genders, persons and numbers;
  • we replace single-root words in one sentence with synonyms.

If the text is made up in pdf, then we additionally perform a number of works.

  1. We compare tables, formulas and figures with the original.
  2. We indicate the technical shortcomings of the layout (for example, errors in the placement of headers and footers, column numbers, hyphens and trailing lines).
  3. Most importantly, we check the correspondence of page numbers and heading names in the content and in the text.
  4. We control the uniformity of design (for example, font selections, subordination of headings, the uniformity of headings of the same level, the design of tables, figures, formulas, links, signatures, etc.).

In addition to correcting errors, the artistic proofreader makes sure that the uniformity of the design of text elements is observed in the publication. And besides, we take into account subtleties that are often not obvious to the reader, which determine how comfortable the book is perceived.

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