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Arbuz Publishers. Who are we?

Publishing house “Arbuz” has been working in the printing market since 2009, hence more than twenty years of experience in acquiring new customers and, of course, real friends from among those customers. First of all, we offer a combination of services that other print shops, of course, do not provide.

Most importantly, we are trusted to print huge runs as well as small, but certainly not less valuable volumes. They trust us. As, experienced managers always prompt how to improve any details, or, for example, how to save money and not lose in quality. In addition, we are constantly working to improve production and, above all, to raise the qualification level of our employees.

Издательство "Арбуз"

In other words, today “Arbuz” is a full-fledged Ukrainian publishing house with a friendly team of different specialists.

Of course, we know how important it is for every author that his book finds a reader. And when you need to publish books, we are certainly ready to help, even if you need a small print run or, for example, if you want to print your work in a single copy. But, before you start cooperating, you naturally want to know who we are and why you should turn to us.

Publishers "Arbuz": Our principles

  1. Honesty, openness, politeness and, of course, punctuality.
  2. Communication with clients is definitely an important part of our work. Managers, first of all, are always in touch. We are with you, of course, at all stages of cooperation, starting from the first call. Consequently, correctly and promptly answer your calls and, of course, requests for miscalculations. Subsequently, we solve arising problems.
  3. We always meet our clients halfway: we respect their creativity and vision of the final result. Of course, the final word rests with the customer.
  4. Printing each book is, of course, a project. Of course, the whole team puts its heart and soul into it. And on a par with each author, we certainly want to achieve the best possible result.
  5. The most important thing – to give the author a full range of publishing services from typing and, of course, ending with the finished book in the hands of the author, or maybe even immediately the reader.


Of course we carry out complex services of pre-press preparation of layouts, for example: typesetting, layout, proof-reading, design, proof-reading of books and ISBN code.

Your interests are our top priority. And your trust is our highest reward.

Full-cycle production at Arbuz Publishers

Publishing house “Arbuz”, first of all, is equipped with a variety of modern high-precision equipment, which allows us to perform the full cycle of production of multipage polygraphic products. Developing the design of book covers, of course, we work exclusively on an individual approach. Of course, we take into account all the details and nuances of subsequent printing, possibility of post-printing processing and finishing. In addition, we comply with all current polygraphic standards.

In addition, we offer a variety of product design options, such as:

  • lamination;
  • selective finishing with UV lacquer;
  • die-cutting;
  • Hard and soft binding;
  • foil stamping and relief stamping;
  • lassé with and without printing
  • dust cover.

Orders are accepted primarily from all over Ukraine, as well as all over the world. Among our customers there are certainly customers from Japan, Australia, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany. Our publishing house guarantees the speed of their implementation, which is achieved through a full technological cycle of production.

Publishing Department

Managers, of course, discuss the terms of reference and other wishes of the author. Sometimes a book may come in the form of a manuscript, and the text needs to be typed. Our typesetters will carefully assemble all the text in electronic form, so that the proofreader can work with it further. Proofreading of the text is, of course, performed by proofreaders. It is done before make-up, because if there are comments on the text after make-up, you will have to redo the whole text again. This is how the original layouts are prepared for printing.


Design Department

It is in the creative studio that all the essays, sketches, drafts, and, of course, layouts end up. Here, of course, the creative process is always “boiling. Meanwhile, the cover design and layout of the books are done by designers and layout designers.

Print shop

Undoubtedly, it transfers words and pictures to paper. Printing, of course, is done on powerful new generation digital printers. For example, a risograph if the print run is medium and massive offset machines if the print run is large. Of course, this is where the content takes form.

Binding shop

A variety of modern equipment makes it possible to assemble the parts of the future product into one whole. Of course, books and notebooks are composed and inserted into the cover, advertising products (e.g. posters, booklets, business cards) are cut to the required size and format. Virtually all processes are automated, which, of course, excludes the receipt of defective products. Our equipment includes, for example, a sheet picker, guillotine, a gluing machine, iron and plastic spring binders, creasing and folding machines, laminators, wire cutters, a knitting machine and, of course, a die-cutting machine.


Publishers "Arbuz" guarantees its customers:

Часто задаваемые вопросы
  1. Assistance in preparing the layout.
  2. Fixed price.
  3. Official contract (of course).
  4. ISBN.
  5. Ready circulation in the agreed terms.
  6. Free replacement of defective copies.
  7. High quality services.
  8. Recommendations about circulation distribution.
  9. Moreover, we organize delivery of the circulation to your city.

Publishing package from Arbuz Publishers

Any book publication, of course, must go through the registration procedure. After that, the publication is assigned unique numbers (ISBN code) and, for example, indexes of international classifiers. Naturally, this code is a unique identification tool, thanks to which the product, of course, has the right to get on the shelves.

In addition, we offer services for obtaining a publishing package for an official publication. For example:

  • ISBN number;
  • UDC – index of the Universal Decimal Classification;
  • author’s mark;
  • bar-code;
  • publisher’s output data;
  • of course, mailing to libraries in Ukraine.
Присвоение кода ISBN

Request book printing and publishing package pricing by phone, email, or through the online form! Of course, we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Naturally, to get a sample and calculate the cost of the product you are interested in, it is enough, first of all, to send an application from our website.

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