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Book layout

Today it is impossible to imagine the world without books. For example, in today’s bookstores the shelves are filled with millions of works of all kinds of genres and formats. Meanwhile, some authors publish a lot and constantly, but others make do with a few copies for their acquaintances. Nevertheless, in spite of the seeming costliness and high prices, the printing of publications, as well as the layout of books at one’s own expense in small volumes, has become widespread today.

Particularly attentive readers, first of all, pay attention to the content of the book. And certainly in the same way on the layout of the text of a book. Consequently, it plays no small role in the appearance of the publication.

From the manuscript to the printed edition of books: how are books created?

Publishing books is a laborious business. In short, from manuscript to print, it undergoes a series of internal publishing processes. In addition to the author, of course, a whole team of professionals works on the book.

So what are the stages of the book's birth process in the first place?

Written by the author on paper or in Word.

If necessary, translation into another language.

Assignment of ISBN and
UDC codes.

Cover design and illustration rendering.

Book layout.

Checking the layout.


Approval of the layout.


Postpress processing.

Issuance of products to the customer.

What is book layout

When the future book is proofread, the illustrations and cover are ready, and the author is happy with the result, then it’s time for the layout. The layout is, first of all, the process of arranging the text, illustrations, and various graphic objects in the form in which they will be presented in the finished edition. In addition, at this stage we see for the first time what the book will be like in general form. But most importantly, some changes can still be made here. The layout stage, however, takes from three days to two weeks. as a consequence, it is at this stage that the publication gets its final look.

There are special approved rules for the layout of the book. Let’s consider them first:



верстка книг

Unity and style.

Compliance with all three rules, of course, allows our specialists to quickly and efficiently make the layout of the book pages. Consequently, in the future, it is a guarantee of obtaining a bright and colorful edition.

Types of book layout

The classification is made according to one characteristic – the type of literature.

Book and magazine

A standard set of rules is taken as the basis. In addition, there is a special set of techniques for working with illustrations in magazines.

верстка книг


It is fundamentally different from the previous type. Newspapers, first of all, are not only characterized by a different arrangement of text and illustrations. In addition, free rules of transposition are possible.

Accidental layout

Used in the development of layouts for various printed products. For example, postcards, flyers, flyers, business cards, posters, etc.

Meanwhile, book cover layout is also a separate service. Creative designers create cover layouts according to the internal content or the customer’s specifications. Above all, they select fonts and color schemes. To summarize: such publications induce the consumer to a specific action – the purchase of the product.

Book layout by professionals

To clarify: The staff at Arbuz Publishing adheres to a culture of layout and publication design guidelines. Clients are primarily guaranteed technical correctness of execution and compliance with polygraphic requirements. Including aesthetic appeal and convenience in further use. Further layout of paper and electronic books is observed with rules of layout, text and illustrations design.

Our service has the following advantages:

The most advantageous composition. Certainly develops the most user-friendly book possible. A clear structure of pages of the internal block. In addition, highlighting the main components over the secondary ones.

Convenient arrangement of text and illustrations. Efficient use of the working area of each sheet.

The aesthetic aspect.

Как издать свою книгу

The final stages of book layout

Do you think that your child is already on the finish line? You’re wrong. After you have made the layout of your book, there are a few more steps to take. First of all, the next step is to check the layout. Again, the work begins: editor, scientific editor, proofreader and translator. After all, during the make-up errors may have appeared, for example, illogical transfer of text or other inaccuracies. Therefore, the layout is reread and checked again. This is a very important stage, when all the specialists read for the first time not the manuscript, but the book layout! All specialists will take a new look at the previously laid out text – this is the most important thing.

Similarly, it is necessary to correct the layout. All errors and inaccuracies that were detected at the previous stage, after that are corrected again in the layout of the future book – layout.

Prices for the service

Every author is primarily interested in the cost of book layout. If we talk about rates for the service, we do not have a clear price list. As each book, respectively, each order is unique and has its own degree of complexity. For example, for an exact calculation of the cost our managers need to see the document and assess the volume of work together with the typesetter. Thus, our regular clients have the privilege of a flexible system of discounts.

The final stages of the book's layout

We, of course, if necessary, carry out computer typing, but if further you pass in the work ready electronic file with the material. In this case, first of all, the price for the layout of the book will be significantly reduced.

Wishing to save money, authors try to do the layout of the book themselves. It can be done, but it is difficult. In short, first of all, there are certain technological requirements for the parameters of the layout. Therefore, it would be better if you send us a “clean” text. And we will turn it into a book layout according to your wishes.

We work in Dnepr, but we publish books for authors from Ukraine and the world. So it does not matter where you live. Of course, modern means of communication allow us to cooperate successfully despite the distance. Files are sent by e-mail. Payment is made via payment systems. The printed books are then transported via delivery services.

Success to you in realization of all your desires, plans, projects.

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