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Editing texts of books

Do you know what separates a good book from a bad one? The amount of time and effort that was spent editing the text. Of course, if this process is given due attention, then any manuscript will undoubtedly turn into a masterpiece. Have you already written your book? So, now, first of all, you need the help of a specialist. Of course, it is he who will be able to look at the text with the eyes of a professional. As a result, competent editing of book texts allows you to bring the work to the level of easier perception of the material by the target audience.

All about book editing

Редактура текстов книг

Text editing is, first of all, checking and correcting the text of a book. It, of course, requires, firstly, special skills, and secondly, deep knowledge. First of all, it is not only about spelling and punctuation in the target language, but, moreover, in style and subject matter.

  1. Scientific text editing. The reliability of the used, for example, quotations, dates, formulas, etc.
  2. Technical editing. Check if all numbers match. And, in addition, to prepare for the final design, of course, according to the parameters of the client.
  3. The art editor, of course, checks the style and eliminates the errors found. The goal is to get a unified style.
  4. Meaningful editing. In other words, an accurate reproduction of the content of the original.
  5. The literary editor, naturally, directs his work towards the general improvement of the quality of the book. The service is applied depending on, firstly, the specifics, secondly, the style, and thirdly, the purpose of the text.

Our proposals for editing texts of books

Qualified editors, of course, undertake to complete the entire text editing process.

1. Remove stylistic errors.

2. Verify the truthfulness of the information provided.

3. Eliminate logical errors and distortions.

4. Increase the information content of the text by removing unnecessary information.

5. Make clearer formulations and speech structures, of course, without changing the meaning of the original.

Calculation of the price for editing the texts of books and placing an order

The publication of a book, of course, cannot do without editorial corrections by specialists. Meanwhile, you can also order translation text editing from us. However, unlike normal editorial review, the work of a translation proofreader is, of course, done with two texts reviewed at the same time.

Naturally, to calculate the cost for 1 conditional page of text, we accept 1000 characters with spaces. Of course, the price is formed according to the following parameters*:

Layout type


Text language

Edit Type

How the text is written

Author's wishes


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